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Super Admin
10 months ago

I got a sample of the Nano CBD Pain Cream a few months ago after seeing it on Reddit. The sample cream was quite runny and there wasn't much of it, so I decided to try it on my face (I've had a lot of acne recently). Oddly enough, after a few applications (I said the sample was small, but you don't need much) the skin on my face is less red and I don't have as much acne. I know that's not what this cream is for, but it absorbs extremely quickly and feels completely dry after about 30 seconds. I got two full sized tubes around Christmas and was able to try it for pain issues. It has helped my feet immensely and completely eliminates severe tension headaches when I put it on my forehead and neck. It smells great, too, which is a huge bonus. Sorry for rambling a bit, but I very highly recommend this product! I'll definitely be purchasing more in the future.

Super Admin
11 months ago

I find that the Deep Relief CBD Cream is wonderful for pain relief. I used it on my knee and I was able to walk without pain. Thank you Yes Life!

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