Referral Program

What is the Yes.Life Referral Program?

Yes.Life Referral Program lets you refer your friends and family and be rewarded. For each successful first purchase of your Referral entitles you to a $20 credit that you can use on your future purchases. This is our small way of thanking you for helping us getting the word out.

Do I get a credit if I refer someone to your website?

Yes. For every purchase of your referral, you will be given Yes.Life credits which you can use on your future purchases. All you need to do is to share your Referral Code with your friends and family. You can find this in the Referral tab in your My Account page.

How do I refer a friend?

Login to your account ( and click on the Referral tab as shown below. Copy the unique referral link and start sharing it with your friends and family. You can also directly post it on your social media accounts by clicking on the social media options found on the same page.

Add a personal message then start sharing.

How much credit will I earn with each referral?

We will give you $20 credit towards your next purchase on the first purchase made by your referral with any of our products regardless of amount.

Is there a limit to how many I can refer?

No, there's no limit on how much credit you can earn. You can refer as many people as you want. Take note that each referral must be a new customer, which means that the person must not have been referred by someone else and has not purchased from our Shop page before.

Which of my friends are eligible to refer?

Any friend who has not purchased and/or registered on our website is eligible to be referred.

I referred my friend who bought a product from you but I do not see any credit on My Account.

We have a real-time posting of credit but on very few occasions, credits are posted a few hours after. Please make sure that your referral made their purchase using your referral link. If you do not see the credit within 24 hours, please call us so we can assist you further at our Customer Care hotline at 1-833-TRY-LIFE (1-833-879-5433) from 7 am to 4 pm MST or email us at

If your referral logged on directly to our website without the referral link, we won't be able to give you credit on their purchase.

How can I be sure that my referral is counted?

To ensure that your referral is counted, the following must be done:

  1. Referral must click on your referral link to logon to our website.
  2. Referral must not be an existing subscriber to our mail list or a registered Yes.Life member.
  3. Referral must have one successful purchase.

Is there a way to track how many referrals I got?

Yes. Login to My Account and you can find the list of your referrals in the Referral tab.

Do Yes.Life credits expire?

Our Yes.Life credits will expire 12 months from the date it was earned. We will send you an email reminder at least two (2) weeks prior to its expiry. Please make sure that the email address you provided is correct and valid.

Does my friend need to enter a special code to ensure that his purchase will be counted?

No. As long as your friend clicks on your referral link, their first successful purchase will be counted. If there are discrepancies on the credits earned, please call us at 1-833-TRY-LIFE (1-833-879-5433) from 7 am to 4 pm MST or email us at

Are my Yes.Life credits transferrable?

No. Your credits are not transferrable.

Will I get more credits if my referral’s first purchase is on Auto-ship?

No. The $20-credit is fixed regardless of the amount of the initial purchase of your referral.

My friend owns a retail shop and is interested in buying a bulk order, will my credits for this referral be higher?

Unfortunately, our Referral Program is exclusive for individuals only. If the Referral is a business, it will not be eligible under this program. We can, however, offer you other options as a way to show how grateful we are for your support.

What are the benefits of creating a Yes.Life Account?

Once you’ve successfully created an account with us, you will then have access to the following features that only made available to registered members:

  • Ability to update your profile including your addresses
  • Keep track your previous and current orders
  • Track your referrals and credits earned
  • Provide product reviews

How to login to My Account?

Go to or you can click on the Sign In button at the upper right corner of the Yes.Life website. Enter your username and password and click Login. If you have not registered yet, fill out the Registration Form with your information. Once you completed the registration, an email will be sent to the email address you provided. Just click on the link and it should take you back to the Login page.

I am having trouble logging in to My Account.

Login issues are normally caused by invalid username or password. If you experience login problems, please make sure that you have the right username and password. If you can no longer recall that information, you can click on Forgot Password and we will send you a link so you can reset your password.

How to update my shipping address?

Login to and click on the Address tab. You should be able to update your shipping address and billing address. Once you're done, make sure that you click on Save Changes.

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